A combination of the Angelic and Demonic, Mar is a fighter, trained in a musical family from Andalusia, her mother, a flamenco singer passed on her sense of rhythm and passion for tender vocal melodies.

Mar from a very young age elevated towards the arts, and at 9 dedicated her life to the world of dance. In 1992 she participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Barcelona in collaboration with Cristina Hoyos.

Over the following years she discovered her true calling was to be a vocalist and left dance in order to begin studies as a singer and devoting herself to music alone, studying in various schools Musical schools in Barcelona.

In December 2004, Mar sung at the World Championship Kick Boxing in Olympic Pavilion of Badalona, with more than eight thousand spectators.

Her musical and vocal influences are varied to say the least. From the great divas of the 70’s to their modern equivalents in House music, Jocelyn Brown and Barbara Tucker.

Mar has performed throughout Spain including some of the following places you may be familiar with:

Discoteque (Barcelona), Apolo (Barcelona), Millennium (Girona), Pacha Pineda (Tarragona), Puzzle (Valencia), Dreamers (Marbella), Penélope. (Benidorm), Passion (Málaga), Cool (Madrid) Black Room (Barcelona)

Mar also sings throughout Europe in Italy, France, Bucharest, Prague, Germany. Mar outshone herself when she was flown over to Egypt to perform at the Beyonce Sasha Fierce Red Sea after party!

Nominated by Ron Barceló DeejayMag awards for Best Live’s 2009 Vocal Best Live Act nominated for the awards Deejay Awards Living Barcelona 2010.

She has been the Pacha Barcelona resident vocalist for 2 consecutive years and at the famous Dreamers Marbella on the Andalusian coast.

Her first release was back in 2007 with Ramon Egea, Chus Soler and for Blanco y Negro Records.

Since then she has had many more tracks including ‘How did you know’ with Dj producer Marco Gee. London Sanctuary producer Dj Cristian Baron, Cassagrande Records.

Café Ole is your dream Dj’s and producers Liz and Baker on the label House Works, The Café Olé 2009 compilation for Blanco Y Negro Records.

Beachball remix from Roman shark.

Forever .Together with Dj Vidaloca on Rock Star Records along with an Alex Guerrero remix.

Her last success was with “THIS IS THE ONE” played everywhere across Spain and Ibiza this summer, produced by the world acclaimed Albert Neve.

Shine’s presence is formidable, fierce, and tender at the same time, elegant and glamorous but strong and a little wild.

Best see and hear it for yourself….

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